The employers and entrepeneurs that use our services vary from mid-sized to multinational businesses.

Our clients are active in several industries, including biotech and life sciences, healthcare, media and advertising, ICT, automotive, business services, infrastructure and civil engineering.

We find it important to obtain in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business and processes. We believe this to be essential to provide the best possible service. It also enables us to identify and remedy potential issues at an early stage.

We assist our clients in matters of employment law, corporate and commercial law and -if a commercial solution is not possible- litigation. We have longterm business relationships with most of our national and international corporate clients. For some clients we have been working for more than 15 years.

We assist management, HR and in-house counsel based in the Netherlands or abroad. We are fluent in English and have extensive experience in explaining the intricacies of Dutch law to those that are familiar with Anglo-American or other law systems, pinpointing differences and understanding expectations.

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