employment law

Dutch employment law can be difficult and full of pitfalls for international clients. Zincken Van Schouten specializes in employment law in the broadest sense, including

day to day employment law
We assist our clients from hiring to firing and everything in between and thereafter. Involving us at an early stage can prevent unpleasant and expensive surprises. A legal helpdesk for entrepeneurs and HR professionals, tailor-fit to meet your needs.

reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, disputes
We assist our clients with restructuring, collective lay-offs, employment law aspects of mergers and acquisitions (transfer of enterprise, harmonization of employment conditions), as well as in competition disputes with former employees, disputes with managing directors, employee participation and contacts and disputes with trade unions.

international employment law and cross border employment
We assist our clients with cross border employment and the legal position of expats. Our non-exclusive contacts with lawfirms abroad enable us to assist our clients in finding counsel in most countries in the world.

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